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Thinking about what to do in South Florida during Thanksgiving weekend? Whether you live locally or you are visiting from out of town, Boynton Beach movers suggest heading to the 17th annual Thanksgiving weekend Howard Alan Fine Arts Festival. This festival is the perfect way to get the whole family outside and walking around. What better way to burn off some of those turkey dinner calories than enjoying some of the most fine locally created works of art?

The festival takes place on the Saturday and Sunday following Thanksgiving. From 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. each day you can peruse the festival. Entry is free, making this festival an affordable option for everyone. Your Boynton Beach movers know that having family in town can be exhausting, especially if you have just moved into the area. This is a great way to do something with everyone and you can still walk around individually. This way everyone can check out what interests them the most.

Located in the heart of downtown Delray, there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and little shops around the area for you to explore before or after the festival.

The Thanksgiving weekend festival will house over 300 artists. Everything from hand crafted glass, to exquisite sculptures will be on display. You will find a wide variety of handmade jewelry and even mixed media works of art. Pieces of photography, paintings and more have the potential for making phenomenal gifts for everyone in your life.

Boynton Beach movers suggest skipping out on fighting the crowds when it comes to Black Friday Shopping. Spend Black Friday doing something you love or relaxing with family. Focus on getting your holiday shopping done at this Thanksgiving weekend Fine Arts Festival. The gifts will likely be one of a kind and are sure to make an impression.

Black Friday, as we all know, is the day after Thanksgiving. Notorious for drawing the locals to America’s shopping malls and stores around the nation, throughout the years the Black Friday tradition has slowly progressed into a day that cuts into family time and takes away from the holiday spirit. Going from waking up early Friday and heading out to stores the midnight after Thanksgiving dinner, to now having to beat the crowds by heading to malls Thanksgiving evening, if you are over Black Friday shopping, All My Sons Boynton Beach gives you some tips of things to do on Black Friday in Boynton Beach besides shop.

-If you opt out of early Black Friday shopping, you can stay up late with your family on Thanksgiving. Stay up, watch a family movie, and have an extra slice of pumpkin pie. Talk, laugh, and enjoy the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Sleep in a little extra on Black Friday to wake up refreshed!

-Hit the park. Get the whole family together for a day at the park. Play games that everyone can participate in. Thanksgiving Day is all about the food, spend today out of the house and kitchen. Bring leftovers for a picnic!

-Go to the beach. Having Thanksgiving in Boynton Beach means you will most likely be having perfect beach weather. Take advantage of the fact that most of society will be at the malls fighting over sales. The beach is one of the best things to do on Black Friday in Boynton Beach besides shop since the weather is perfect and the sands will be clear of crowds.

Your friends at All My Sons Boynton Beach believe that this weekend should be spent with family and loved ones. Do not stress about missing out on the sales. Many stores offer the same sales online and Cyber Monday is just a couple days away. Opting for online holiday shopping will save you time and stress!

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate all that they are thankful for. Joining for a feast helps build family bonds. If you are hosting this year’s Thanksgiving festivities, take this tip from your Boynton Beach local movers. When constructing your menu, consider creating a cocktail menu as well. Give your dinner an edge with these drinks for Thanksgiving.

Spiced Rum Cider – Spice up your apple cider with a shot of spiced rum. Add a few dashes of lemon bitters and a cinnamon stick for the perfect presentation!

Cranberry Mule. This is one of our favorite drinks for Thanksgiving. A spin on a Moscow mule makes for the perfect and refreshing cocktail to accompany your spread. Vodka, ginger beer, a splash or cranberry juice and lime juice, then throw in a few fresh cranberries and a lime wedge. This indulgence is easy to prepare in a large pitcher to make for easy distribution!

Apple Cider Mimosa. During Thanksgiving, we are often mingling with family before dinner. Preparing for your feast early on in the day can get exhausting. Brighten your day and meal up with an apple cider mimosa. A spin on a classic, just add a splash of apple cider to your prosecco or champagne for a quick and festive flare.

Pumpkin Pie Martini. Your Boynton Beach local movers’ favorite! The pumpkin pie martini will leave your guests wanting more of this delicious dessert cocktail. The perfect way to cap off your drinks for thanksgiving, begin by chilling your martini glasses. A graham cracker and cinnamon sugar rim will take this cocktail to the next level. Mix pumpkin liquor, vanilla vodka, Rum Chata and cinnamon with ice in a shaker. Pour, and serve for dessert!


Moving to a new city in the month of November can be pretty stressful if you have also committed to hosting Thanksgiving. Take your Boynton Beach residential movers‘ advice to make this busy month a little more manageable.

1.When you get to your new location make sure you order your turkey right away. Be sure to look up a variety of places to order from so you are happy with the quality. Order it early on to guarantee that the star of your dinner will be present!

2. Throughout the couple of weeks that you have be sure to test out any new kitchen appliances you have. Cook things for the time duration and at the heat you will be cooking your thanksgiving dinner to ensure it is accurate. Test out all of your stove burners so you feel confident when the big day comes!

3. Moving and hosting Thanksgiving dinner shortly after can be nerve racking when it comes to decorating. Instead of putting your decoration boxes away, decorate your new home for Thanksgiving as you unpack. This will save some steps as the day approaches.

4.If you have different china for the holidays, consider using it right after the move to save a step. Use the day before Thanksgiving to prepare. Get any side dishes prepared if possible. Wash, cut, and prep any vegetables or food you will be cooking on Thanksgiving Day. Setting the table the night before will save you a step as well!

When you are planning your move be sure to consider Boynton Beach full-service residential movers. Let us pack, move, and unpack your belongings to make this move as smooth as possible. Let us take care of all the stresses of this transition. Doing this can ensure that you have enough time to prepare for moving and hosting Thanksgiving in the same month!

Every equestrian has many questions and concerns when considering a move. How much is boarding horses in Boynton Beach. Will it be affordable? How to go about finding the right trainer? Whatever your concerns may be, considering moving to Boynton Beach will be worth your while.

WEF! The winter equestrian festival in Wellington Florida is on every rider’s radar. This is one of the biggest show weekends in the equestrian world. Bringing in thousands of horses and riders from not only all over the country but all over the world! The drive to Wellington from Boynton Beach is a short 30 minutes. Whether you are aiming to compete or just to play spectator, being this close to one of the equine capitals of the world will not disappoint!

So why not just move to Wellington? Boynton Beach is a lot more affordable than Wellington. This goes for housing for yourself and board for your horses. Basic board can be found for as cheap as $400 a month for a horse. Many stables will work out payment and lesson plans. There are countless training facilities to choose from and many offer competitive lesson programs to choose from.

Moving too far south of Boynton Beach leaves you still with ample riding and boarding facilities, however a lack of equine community. It will be very common after moving to Boynton Beach to find various tack stores just around your neighborhood. Boynton Beach offers many options and again, just a short drive to one of the equine capitals of America. All My Sons Moving and Storage promotes just how perfect boarding horses in Boynton Beach is, as well as finding a home for yourself.

For the entire month of September, Flavor Palm Beach is teaming up with restaurants to deliver locals the finest cuisine there is to offer. Boynton Beach residential movers states this promotion will help food lovers new to the area get in touch with the local cuisine. Because this event lasts the whole month, residents can take advantage of as many menu promotions as possible. Ranging from Palm Beach all the way to Boca, a wide variety of restaurants are participating! Every restaurant that has decided to partner has put together a separate menu, specifically for the month of September. A compiled list of 3-5 appetizers, main courses, and desserts will be available to choose from when you say you are dining in for Flavor Palm Beach. These menus are also at a set price, which is what makes the whole experience affordable and exciting. Lunch menus are typically set around $20.00 and dinner menus are ranging from $35.00 to $45.00. Reservations are strongly recommended as these restaurants usually experience waits without running promotions.

A promotion like this is something that not only benefits the consumer, it benefits the restaurant as well. By creating a new menu at a set price, the restaurant is welcoming in foodies that may otherwise not have planned to visit their establishment. Majority of guests dining at restaurants listed to pair up with this event are food enthusiasts. These guests are the type of people who will and are encouraged to write yelp reviews during this time. Guests spread the word about their experience gaining the restaurant free advertising. If you consider yourself a cuisine lover and enjoy to experience new places and new food, Boynton Beach residential movers suggest enjoying a night or two with Flavor Palm Beach.

If you are moving to Boynton Beach you should prepare yourself for some fantastic seafood. All beach towns are expected to have phenomenal seafood, because they are so close to the ocean! The Boynton Beach movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage know all the best restaurants in the area, and the best places to enjoy the catch of the day. Trust us with your belongings, and then trust us with your taste buds!

Hurricane Alley

We can not talk about the best Boynton Beach restaurants and not mention Hurricane Alley. Hurricane Alley is one of the best priced seafood restaurants in Boynton Beach, and definitely has the best seafood in the area. Once your Boynton Beach movers leave and you sail on in for the catch for the day, you will already feel like a local!

Guarapo’s Cuban Cuisine

When you move to South Florida you must embrace the Latin American food! Cuban food is a big part of the Latin American culture that is prominent in South Florida. The roasted pork is incredible, but the seafood is amazing! Shrimp, cod, calamari, and other saltwater classics with the one and only Cuban flavor is what we look for in the best Boynton Beach restaurants.

Sushi Machi

Raw fished rolled in rice may not be the first thing you think of when you think about seafood, but there are plenty of great sushi restaurants in Boynton Beach, and also all over South Florida. Sushi Machi is by far one of the best Boynton Beach restaurants. The fresh fish, great prices, and intimate atmosphere will ensure that Sushi Machi remains on top of the list for years to come.

There is nothing more rewarding for Boynton Beach movers than to bring a family to our fair city to get them set up and all moved in. Families from all over the state of Florida and the United States are moving to Boynton Beach for the weather, the people, and the prices. Affordable housing in Boynton Beach is available today, but it is going fast!

The Sun Sentinel reported on Florida’s building boom recently, and the news is good. More of an industry, more jobs, and most importantly, more affordable housing in Boynton Beach. Social experts are saying that most of Florida’s natural and farm land is going to be all but gone by the middle of the twenty-first century.

The Boynton Beach CRA has decided to lift the ban on building over four floors so that business can grow up, instead of out, which has led to the Boynton Beach commercial movers bringing even more business lately. The influx of business building to the city of Boynton Beach is good for all, and it shows no sign so of stopping. Although some worry that the growing industry may threaten Florida’s natural beauty, others say that the building should not affect preserved lands at all.

It is not only that affordable housing in Boynton Beach comes with industry, but that the cities entire economy will benefit as well. Every family that our Boynton Beach movers bring to our city will be more than just a new addition to the neighborhood. Each family will be bringing with them the economic boost that is finding its way down to South Florida.

In terms of professional moving companies in Boynton Beach, All My Sons Moving & Storage has a team of experts. We’ve been around for decades, so we know moving inside and out. Where else could you get top notch moving advice like the kind we provide? Well, here is another moving tip, courtesy of your Boynton Beach movers. Liquor stores get a lot of merchandise, and for the most part it is all delivered in cardboard. Think of all those potential moving boxes! Usually liquor stores go through so many boxes, that they are happy to give most away.

Ask Politely

Good manners go a long way, and this situation is no exception. Talk to the manager directly and ask if you can collect some of the cardboard that they are throwing away. Oftentimes, liquor stores will leave the boxes outside by the dumpsters. In order to preserve them for their best usage, you could ask the manager to give you a call when there are done with their restocking. If you conform to their schedule they’re more likely to hand their moving boxes right over to you.

Get There on Time

If they have given you the go-ahead, be sure to arrive at the store on time. If you wait too long, the employees may inadvertently destroy the boxes in order to fit them into the dumpster. Again, remember to conform to their schedule, making things more convenient for everyone involved.

Purchase the Right Kind of Tape

If the boxes are folded and you have to reassemble them, never fear! You can buy tape for moving boxes, or you could use electrical tape. But be warned, using electrical tape on moving boxes will surely keep them closed, but it will take longer to reopen them when your Boynton Beach movers leave.

Say Thank You

Just like the Boynton Beach movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage, that liquor store might have saved you a lot of money and hassle. Don’t forget to say thank you! Bake a batch of cookies, write a note, or review them online. However you choose to show your appreciation, just make sure you say thanks!

All My Sons Moving & Storage is happy when our customers are happy! If you are planning on moving to South Florida, your local Boynton Beach movers want you to enjoy your new home the way you should. Start living the endless summer vibes that South Florida is known for, and check out some of the greatest courses to play golf in Boynton Beach.

Hunters Run Golf

Hunters Run Golf is one of the highest rated golf courses in Boynton Beach, and there’s a reason for it. The course is fantastic, the club house is magnetic, and the club offers more than just golf. Do you feel like swinging a racquet instead of a club for a day? Check out the tennis club over at Hunters Run. Let’s be honest, you moved to Boynton Beach for the sun and the fun, right?

The Links

The Links has the best prices for a round of golf in Boynton Beach. They offer a game of golf for only $35 – a price that just cannot be beaten. This golf course is undergoing some serious changes, as of late. The plan to revitalize the course began in 2014, and has continued since then. The course is pristine and cheaper than ever.

Quail Ridge Country Club

If you opted for the full service moving options from your Boynton Beach movers at All My Sons, then you probably like a little bit of high quality in your life. High quality is synonymous with the Quail Ridge Country Club. Offering luxury to the fullest extent, this club is so much more than a place to just play golf in Boynton Beach. If you enjoy all the extras and amenities that typically come with country clubs, then Quail Ridge Country Club is your spot.