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Choosing a new home for your family is not a decision to be taken lightly. There are many influences that can affect your home selection decision. That is why the top moving company in South Florida, All My Sons Moving & Storage, has put together a list of the best Boynton Beach neighborhoods.

Making the top of our list is a suburban neighborhood in the western portion of Boynton Beach between Route 441 and W Boynton Beach Blvd. Located in one of Boynton Beach’s wealthiest neighborhoods, the median real estate price is over $650,00 and the average rental rate is just over $2,700. It is one of the best neighborhoods for families in Florida with an excellent school system and low crime rates.

The second Boynton Beach neighborhood on our list lies between Jog Road and Cascades Isle Blvd., zip code 33437. With an average median real estate price of $450, 000 and median rental rate of $1,800, this neighborhood caters to med-income level married families. This neighborhood provides its residents a quiet and peaceful environment with low crime rates.

The last neighborhood to make the list is located toward the northern rim of Boynton Beach Hagen Ranch Road and Gateway Blvd., zip code 33472. The average real estate price of these homes is $380,000. This neighborhood is home to several seasonal residents. Due to its part time inhabitants, this neighborhood provides a quiet environment for families to live in while still providing several activities for children. The quiet environment also makes it a quaint neighborhood for seniors looking to retire comfortably. If you are looking for a new place to call home in Boynton Beach, your local south Florida moving company, All My Sons, hopes you find a neighborhood that suits all of your family’s needs!

For a complete list of top neighborhoods in Boynton Beach, check out Neighborhood Scout.

Public Service Announcement: We are still in Snowbird Season! If you are not from Florida, you may not be aware of the annual migration that occurs between October and April of the following year. If you recently moved to Boynton Beach, Florida then be sure to expect some visitor from your northern counterparts. Florida is a highly sought-after destination during winter and for obvious reasons. We live in paradise; sunshine and warm weather year-round and unbeatable scenic views drive our tourist economy. So, what can you expect during snowbird season? All My Sons, local movers in Boynton Beach, have created a quick guide on what to expect and how to deal with this year’s snowbird invasion.

1.Plan Ahead! Between October and April, give yourself extra time when heading to your destinations. With the added influx of cars on the road and less people knowing their way around, you can expect a few more delays than usual.

2. Sharing your Backyard is Normal. Moving to Boynton Beach, Florida comes with many benefits, one being the beach is basically in your backyard. South Florida beaches stay relatively warm all year long but dip slightly in temperature during the winter to a whopping average of 73 degrees. You can expect some snowbirds to crowd in on your beach day after moving to Boynton Beach.

3. They Leave. As a recent transplant to Boynton Beach, you might be thinking why would anyone want to deal with snowbirds? Well, they are significant contributors to our economy. Florida thrives off tourism and when you have such a beautiful commodity, that you are lucky to call home, why not share it!

Floridians’ relationships with snowbirds is a love-hate relationship. No one likes having their home invaded and traffic increasing, but living in paradise comes with a price and the local movers in Boynton Beach love having the extra admirers swinging by each year, and are looking forward to welcoming you to our Florida tradition! If you are moving to Boynton Beach for winter, let our local moving company help get you settled into your southern home.

You purchased or rented a home in Boynton Beach, Florida now you must figure out how to get your items into your new home. Most “soon to be movers” assume that doing all their own packing, renting a truck, and moving their items to the new place will be the most effective way to move. However, this is not always the case. For someone moving to Boynton Beach from a studio apartment or one bedroom with few decorations, to a slightly larger apartment, they may be best off renting a small truck. But for most larger homes, there are several hidden factors that would call for Boynton Beach moving services to tackle the move for you and take the stress away.

Using Boynton Beach moving services is the best option when (1) the distance between homes is a considerable distance. Many movers overlook factors such as toll costs, packing materials, cost of time, and fuel when making their decision to rent a truck instead of hiring moving services. (2) There are several rooms and items to pack and unpack once arriving. Your time is valuable and taking the cost of your time being used is an important factor to consider. (3) First time movers or for those moving to Boynton Beach from a far state benefit most from hiring a moving service. The resources and expertise that moving services offer can help make the process much easier and less chaotic. (4) Using a Boynton Beach moving service would also be beneficial for those who have several large or delicate items in their homes. Professional moving services typically offer insurance for your items and have the proper expertise in transporting delicate items. (5) Finally, hiring a Boynton Beach moving service may be required for those who have limited support and help while moving. Moving an entire home by yourself can be exhausting and time consuming. To find the best option for your move to Boynton Beach, call local Boynton Beach moving services and find the best rates and plans that fit your needs.

New Year, New City! Moving to Boynton Beach is an exciting time, but can also be costly if not budgeted accordingly. Have the holidays left you with a financial hangover? Holiday spending can take a toll on a budget, not to mention, moving can even eat through a month’s spending budget since it is an added expense. If you are planning an upcoming move to Boynton Beach, check out these tricks for saving money in the new year and during your move. For extra savings, reach out to local movers in Boynton Beach for the best moving savings in the area.

1.Let it go! Moving is the best time to go through your belongings and sell any items you no longer need. Selling your items puts more money in your pocket so the move pays for itself!

2. Pack Smart: After deciding to move your next step might be to purchase packing materials to get a jump start on packing, no need. Hiring local movers in Boynton Beach, such as All My Sons, can provide you with high quality packing materials for free. Hiring movers can save you time and time is money.

3. Create a budget: Start the year off with a new budget incorporating any new expenses or savings you may have incurred during your move to Boynton Beach. Sticking to the budget will help point out your largest expenses and where you can save money.

4. Automate your savings: After moving, finding tricks for saving money can be the difference between sinking or swimming. Setting up an automatic deposit into an account is the best way to save money because it is like you never even had the money to start with.

5. Keep it minimal: After your local movers in Boynton Beach drop off your belongings in your new home it can be tempting to want to fill in any empty spaces in your home with new furnishings. Keep it to a minimum. Items will come and it is not necessary to make large purchases immediately.

We hope these tricks for saving money help you during your next move and can be applied to other areas of your financial budgeting. From the local movers in Boynton Beach, happy new year and happy moving!

Boynton Beach local movers would like to share some of the best ways to ring in the New Year this season. Pair any of these ideas with great friends and a glass of champagne or two for an exceptional evening. New Year’s Eve in Boynton Beach will kick off 2017 in the right direction!

Live Music – There are two live events that will fill your evening with positivity and laughter. Billy Joel is performing at the BB&T center in Sunrise! If you are a fan, this New Year’s Eve show is definitely the one to go to. Are you staying more north? Head to the Kravis Center for a showing of The Producers. What better way to ring in the New Year than with endless laughter?

Fireworks – Boynton Beach local movers suggest heading to the intercostal to watch some fireworks. This is a great way to keep things a little on the low key side while still getting out to celebrate. You will be able to see fireworks throughout various coastal cities in South Florida. If you are celebrating anywhere from Miami to West Palm, you can be sure you to catch some fireworks lighting up the sky.

The Boca Resort – Book a night stay at the Boca Resort for our favorite New Year’s Eve in Boynton Beach event. The Rock the Block party will definitely not disappoint. Everything from entertainment, amazing food, and excellent live music will make this event a time you do not want to miss. The night will be complete with dancing, a champagne toast, and fireworks.

Bring some fresh and bright flavors into your holiday dinner in Florida. All My Sons Moving & Storage residential movers of Boynton Beach suggest bringing in seasonal elements to perfect your spread. Living in South Florida, you will find that cooler additions to your dishes provide the perfect touch. Impress your relatives with these dishes at your party.

Stone Crab. It is stone crab season! Stone crabs make a wonderful appetizer for a holiday dinner in Florida. They can be cooked and served cold the next day. Minimal preparation is needed for stone crabs, as many find them delicious just the way they are. Provide lemon butter for dipping to make this easy appetizer.

Ceviche. Ceviche is created by submerging fresh seafood in citrus juice. Submerge the freshest fish you can find in lime and lemon juice overnight. The next day, pour out half of the juice and add in fresh ingredients such as diced tomatoes, mango, avocado and herbs.

Citrus and Walnut Salad. Create the perfect salad to add to any holiday dinner in Florida. Start with a base of spinach and other leafy greens. Dice oranges and combine with cranberries. Walnuts and some feta cheese are the perfect elements to this salad. Finish off with a citrus dressing.

Carved Meat. If you want to serve something a little different than a turkey or ham this season, consider some other carved meats. Prime rib and roast beef will surely not disappoint. Residential movers of Boynton Beach suggest this is perfect for a holiday dinner in Florida.

Moving to Boynton Beach may mean celebrating the holidays a little differently this season. While there will be no snow or outdoor ice-skating, your new area is filled with unique things to do! Your Boynton Beach movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage would like to share some of their favorite upcoming holiday events in Boynton Beach.

Boynton Beach Holiday Parade. Taking place in early December, Downtown Boynton Beach will host a wonderful holiday parade. Make your way to Seacrest Blvd to catch all of the floats, marching bands, elves, and even Santa! This is one of our favorite holiday events in Boynton Beach for the whole family.

The Boat Parade. Something to look forward to after moving to Boynton Beach is the holiday boat parade. Set up some seats and get ready to watch the many boats of South Florida coast by all decorated for the holidays! If you have decided to purchase a boat, consider entering to be in the parade yourself!

Music on the Rocks. Enjoy sounds of the season as the Boynton Beach Music on the Rocks takes on one of our favorite holiday events in Boynton Beach. Head to the Ocean Ave Amphitheater to listen to music from various local artists. This event is free and there is even free parking! Bring your beach chairs, blankets, and loved ones for this awesome event.

Embrace your new city this season and take on all that Boynton Beach has to offer. From parades and live music to local shops and restaurants, moving to Boynton Beach will not let you down!

After moving to Boynton Beach, consider creating a beach inspired holiday card to send to your family and friends this season. What better way to put a staple on your new Floridian status than to portray it throughout the holidays? Local Boynton Beach movers have some great suggestions to get you started.

1. Take a nice photo of your family at the beach. Inspire a little holiday cheer by wearing Santa hats in the sun! Consider doing your photo shoot at sunrise. The sunrises on the east coast of Florida are as picture-perfect as it can get. This would make a beautiful photo to share on a card with your loved ones.

2. Make it funny! If you feel like being light hearted, think about a humorous beach inspired holiday card. Get on your swim suits and take an action picture at the beach or pool while having tropical drinks. Finish off your card with a greeting such as “Warm Wishes”. Any family living in the cold will definitely be visiting soon!

3. Props. Local Boynton Beach movers suggest thinking about some props to use in order to perfect your beach inspired holiday card. Bring a small table top tree to the beach for the perfect holiday-on-the-beach contrast. Write a message in the sand with seashells! You can even attempt to make a “sandman”. Complete him off with some drift wood arms, a seaweed scarf, and a sea shell face.

Local movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage suggest having fun with your beach inspired holiday card! Send some sand, shells, and seasonal greetings to your loved ones.

Thinking about what to do in South Florida during Thanksgiving weekend? Whether you live locally or you are visiting from out of town, Boynton Beach movers suggest heading to the 17th annual Thanksgiving weekend Howard Alan Fine Arts Festival. This festival is the perfect way to get the whole family outside and walking around. What better way to burn off some of those turkey dinner calories than enjoying some of the most fine locally created works of art?

The festival takes place on the Saturday and Sunday following Thanksgiving. From 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. each day you can peruse the festival. Entry is free, making this festival an affordable option for everyone. Your Boynton Beach movers know that having family in town can be exhausting, especially if you have just moved into the area. This is a great way to do something with everyone and you can still walk around individually. This way everyone can check out what interests them the most.

Located in the heart of downtown Delray, there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and little shops around the area for you to explore before or after the festival.

The Thanksgiving weekend festival will house over 300 artists. Everything from hand crafted glass, to exquisite sculptures will be on display. You will find a wide variety of handmade jewelry and even mixed media works of art. Pieces of photography, paintings and more have the potential for making phenomenal gifts for everyone in your life.

Boynton Beach movers suggest skipping out on fighting the crowds when it comes to Black Friday Shopping. Spend Black Friday doing something you love or relaxing with family. Focus on getting your holiday shopping done at this Thanksgiving weekend Fine Arts Festival. The gifts will likely be one of a kind and are sure to make an impression.

Black Friday, as we all know, is the day after Thanksgiving. Notorious for drawing the locals to America’s shopping malls and stores around the nation, throughout the years the Black Friday tradition has slowly progressed into a day that cuts into family time and takes away from the holiday spirit. Going from waking up early Friday and heading out to stores the midnight after Thanksgiving dinner, to now having to beat the crowds by heading to malls Thanksgiving evening, if you are over Black Friday shopping, All My Sons Boynton Beach gives you some tips of things to do on Black Friday in Boynton Beach besides shop.

-If you opt out of early Black Friday shopping, you can stay up late with your family on Thanksgiving. Stay up, watch a family movie, and have an extra slice of pumpkin pie. Talk, laugh, and enjoy the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Sleep in a little extra on Black Friday to wake up refreshed!

-Hit the park. Get the whole family together for a day at the park. Play games that everyone can participate in. Thanksgiving Day is all about the food, spend today out of the house and kitchen. Bring leftovers for a picnic!

-Go to the beach. Having Thanksgiving in Boynton Beach means you will most likely be having perfect beach weather. Take advantage of the fact that most of society will be at the malls fighting over sales. The beach is one of the best things to do on Black Friday in Boynton Beach besides shop since the weather is perfect and the sands will be clear of crowds.

Your friends at All My Sons Boynton Beach believe that this weekend should be spent with family and loved ones. Do not stress about missing out on the sales. Many stores offer the same sales online and Cyber Monday is just a couple days away. Opting for online holiday shopping will save you time and stress!