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Escape Freezing Winter Temperatures in West Palm Beach

If you are living anywhere besides West Palm Beach, you are living in the wrong place!

Escape 2014’s freezing winter temperatures and move to West Palm Beach today!

You will not regret moving to our beautiful city when you can walk outside your home wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and sandals in the middle of December.

This year’s temperatures are warmer than usual in West Palm Beach, which comes as no surprise since Florida is typically significantly warmer than any other state in the United States.

This year however, West Palm Beach has hit the highest MINIMUM temperature recorded.

This past Sunday morning, the daily low temperature was recorded at a comfortable 78 degrees. West Palm Beach set a new minimum record, beating the November 23, 1906 record of 75 degrees. Sounds nice right?

Do yourself and your family a favor and move to West Palm Beach, Florida. However, if you do enjoy living up north during the summer months, consider joining the millions of snowbirds by investing in a vacation home in West Palm Beach and escape the freezing northern winter temperatures.

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