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A Heart In Need Of Help

Our day with the AHA!

Success is a beautiful thing. We at All My Sons Moving & Storage take a lot of pride as movers in being the first step in our customers succeeding in their new life, but we’re also proud to aid the success of the American Heart Association. While helping charities can be great in any case, the American Heart Association has been setting huge goals and making headway. At the turn of the millennium, they gave themselves ten years to reduce coronary heart disease, stroke, and risk factors. Not only did they reduce related deaths beyond their goal far earlier than planned, they’ve made tremendous headway with the other branches of their goal.

Heart attack and stroke are still the number one and four greatest killers of Americans, but the headway has allowed the American Heart Association to take on an even more ambitious goal for this decade. The focus has shifted from directly battling heart disease factors to an overall improvement of health and living quality.

One of the new efforts is the Heart Walk, an event to raise money and awareness. Beyond those goals, it encourages physical activity and heart healthy living. It certainly worked with us, as we donated our time to help moving equipment and materials needed to run the event. We hope to maintain a long relationship with the organization and that others may follow our lead and help out.

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