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How to Deal with Snowbirds After Moving to Boynton Beach

Public Service Announcement: We are still in Snowbird Season! If you are not from Florida, you may not be aware of the annual migration that occurs between October and April of the following year. If you recently moved to Boynton Beach, Florida then be sure to expect some visitor from your northern counterparts. Florida is a highly sought-after destination during winter and for obvious reasons. We live in paradise; sunshine and warm weather year-round and unbeatable scenic views drive our tourist economy. So, what can you expect during snowbird season? All My Sons, local movers in Boynton Beach, have created a quick guide on what to expect and how to deal with this year’s snowbird invasion.

1.Plan Ahead! Between October and April, give yourself extra time when heading to your destinations. With the added influx of cars on the road and less people knowing their way around, you can expect a few more delays than usual.

2. Sharing your Backyard is Normal. Moving to Boynton Beach, Florida comes with many benefits, one being the beach is basically in your backyard. South Florida beaches stay relatively warm all year long but dip slightly in temperature during the winter to a whopping average of 73 degrees. You can expect some snowbirds to crowd in on your beach day after moving to Boynton Beach.

3. They Leave. As a recent transplant to Boynton Beach, you might be thinking why would anyone want to deal with snowbirds? Well, they are significant contributors to our economy. Florida thrives off tourism and when you have such a beautiful commodity, that you are lucky to call home, why not share it!

Floridians’ relationships with snowbirds is a love-hate relationship. No one likes having their home invaded and traffic increasing, but living in paradise comes with a price and the local movers in Boynton Beach love having the extra admirers swinging by each year, and are looking forward to welcoming you to our Florida tradition! If you are moving to Boynton Beach for winter, let our local moving company help get you settled into your southern home.

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