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Storage Auctions, The New Craze

As it has become a rather hot topic –enough to become the subject of many a reality TV show– storage unit auctions are something that many people even outside of the moving industry have become familiar with, and even fascinated. As a professional Florida mover in West Palm Beach, storage unit auctions are not too uncommon to be held in our premises. It is unfortunate when people store their possibly prized possessions with us only to become delinquent on the rent owed to their moving and storage provider here surrendering their belongings as a result. Though it is no mover’s goal to sell off other people’s stuff, the space we have available for storage is important and must be made available to people who will stay current on their storage dues. Despite the unfortunate stories behind many auctioned-off storage vaults, it is a rather interesting event to experience, and works out rather favorably for many auction-goers. You never know what you’re truly bidding on at a storage auction as we can’t legally allow you to step foot into the storage crate until you own it (after winning an auction). You could be bidding on a treasure chest or just a big box of junk. A quick peak is all you are able to base your bidding on at a vault auction which is a bit more risk than most people are willing to wager. However; with risk often comes reward, and your movers in West Palm here have seen many success stories during the auctions that we have hosted throughout the years! It is certainly no mystery to your moving and storage professionals as to why storage vault auctions have become such a hot topic!

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