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Surveillance Cameras to Enhance Security

To enhance the safety and security of West Palm Beach, community security cameras are being placed throughout the city. The cameras will be placed in opular locations such as City Place, Clematis Street, the Waterfront, and other choice locations in West Palm. But the city isn’t stopping there–portable wireless cameras will be placed and set u at special events and on an “as-needed” basis. These wireless cameras can be accessed by trolling police officers with full zoom capabilities.

The cameras will be strategically located on light poles and on top of buildings to get an aerial view of any criminal activity that takes place. Here at the West Palm movers, we think it’s a great addition to the existing 30+ cameras installed in West Palm. Crimes are inevitable in every area, and cameras don’t lie. In fact, a murder in 2008 was prosecuted with the help of a city camera that was caught on one of the inconspicuous cameras.

Let’s all unite to keep West Palm a place to raise our families and operate our businesses!

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